ATP All-Stars: Get to know Dean Mieske

Photograph of Dean Mieske
Dean Mieske

While you get up to speed on the Workday implementation across the UW System, take some time to get to know the Administrative Transformation Program all-star team members who make our work possible. This month, we’re sitting down for a Q&A with our team’s Senior Instructional Designer, Dean Mieske.

What’s your hometown?
I live in Edgerton, Wisconsin, but I consider home to be the Eau Claire area, where I was born and where I enjoy boating and fishing.

How long have you worked in the UW System, where, and in what roles?
I’ve been with the UW since November 2020. I designed and developed much of the ShopUW+ roll-out end-user learning materials, have helped my ATP colleagues complete Workday admin learning assignments, and have just started helping UW-Madison Research and Sponsored Programs with RAMP learning materials.

What’s your role and team on ATP?
As a member of the Change Management Strategy Team, my role is to support Workday and RAMP transformation end-user training.

Why did you want to work for ATP?
I have had a rewarding career, thanks in part to my degree from the UW-Madison. Given ATP’s guiding principles at its core, I felt this might be a chance to give back.

What’s a fun fact about you?
I had the pleasure of owning a business that created dozens of jobs, leading seminars from coast to coast that helped hundreds of small businesses, developing national certification programs that trained thousands of automotive technicians, and leading the development of a new automotive safety standard that benefited millions of drivers.

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