Finance October 2022 Update

ATP’s Finance Team has completed five months of the Architect (Design) Stage, which will end on November 30. Thanks to our engaged campus stakeholders, the majority of our design decisions have been made by this point. These will serve as the basis for the configuration of our next Workday tenant, which will be loaded in October and completed in November.

What We Are Working On

Configuration Tenant Build

The Finance Design Teams have incorporated feedback from Future State Process Design (FSPD) Playback sessions and guidance from Focus, Validation, and Governance Groups to complete configuration workbooks for each functional area. In October, these workbooks will be loaded into the UW-specific Workday tenant (essentially a practice workspace/shell based on the design decisions made thus far). The Workday tenant will continue to be built out for the remainder of the Architect Stage, ending on November 30.

FDM Mapping Sessions

The General Ledger Design Team will continue working with our campuses on mapping the current state chart of accounts to the new FDM (Foundation Data Model) values. While sessions with the comprehensive institutions and UW-Milwaukee occurred this summer, the UW-Madison kickoff was September 30. The FDM mapping work will continue into the Configure & Prototype Stage.

Preparing for Change

The ATP Design Teams have been involved in cross-functional sessions with ATP IT teams to start planning for conversion data mapping, integrations, reporting, and designing security roles. The ancillary systems inventory is also a significant area of focus for each of the design teams.

As they have throughout the Architect Stage, finance team members continue to methodically work through risks, issues, and decisions as they arise. Likewise, team members continue to identify and log potential impacts of expected changes. These change impact logs will be used to guide upcoming Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCS) and Unit Test Prep to prepare appropriate transition support and training.

Adaptive Planning

As mentioned in the September update, the Adaptive Planning (Budget) workstream has been working on finalizing requirements and mapping future state business processes. The Adaptive workstream has a separate implementation timeline with a slightly longer Architect Stage to account for requirement gathering. Workday and Adaptive will go live on July 1, 2024. 

So far, the discovery data review from campus and divisional sessions yielded over 300 artifacts to inform the requirements and business process design work. The team has also started Adaptive Training, which will run through the end of October.

What’s Next

November will be the final month of the Architect (Design) Stage. On December 1, the Configure & Prototype Stage begins. The work of the next stage will continue through June 2023 and include:

  • Iterative Prototyping (End-to-End)
  • Configuration, Integration, and Reporting Development & Unit Testing
  • Conversion Testing
  • Test Preparation
  • Customer Confirmation Sessions