HR April 2023 Update

Workday Progress and Updates 

The first quarter of 2023 has been action-packed as the HR team continues to make significant strides in tweaking configuration where necessary and wrapping up the remaining design details as we prepare for end-to-end testing, which is charted to begin in mid-May. Please read on for details of what we have been up to.

Customer Confirmation Sessions

We completed a series of 10 Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCSs) that ran from mid-January through March. These Customer Confirmation Sessions offered attendees an opportunity to learn information and offer feedback about how we have designed and configured Workday.

Testing Tenant Build

The HR team’s goal for the end-to-end testing tenant is to convert 100% of the business objects related to HR to ensure our testing is as comprehensive as possible. This will also allow us to identify data cleanup needs.

Supervisory Organizations

We are so proud of and grateful to Brianna Schreier for leading the supervisory org mapping exercise! All initial mappings of supervisory organizations (sup orgs) have been mapped and shared with the institution or UW-Madison division. As institutions complete and return their mapping, ATP and UW-Shared Services work to get the sup org data loaded into HRS, where a custom table facilitates maintaining the structure until go-live. This means we can run reports and easily identify where a change in manager has occurred.

The alternative to this would be to ask the Readiness Teams to maintain spreadsheets and manually make adjustments each time a supervisor leaves/is hired. While the HRS sup org table is not as glamourous as some of the other things our teams are working on, it is an incredible time-saver and a brilliant innovation by our team and colleagues at UW-Shared Services.

Once Workday is implemented, the supervisory org structure will be maintained directly in Workday. Workday delivers business processes for making changes to organizations. This foundational structure will replace the home department use case of the UDDS for all staff and contingent workers.

Unit Testing

The team has completed the testing for over 2,600 unit test scenarios and is in the process of resolving defects in preparation for the end-to-end testing. These scenarios are designed to test configuration in Workday and identify configuration bugs and issues.

Design and Configuration

We are continuing to work with focus groups and stakeholders to refine design ahead of end-to-end testing.

Workday Walkthroughs

Please encourage those who are newer to Workday to tune in to ATP’s Workday Walkthroughs, which provide high-level overviews of Workday functionality. Recordings of the walkthroughs are accessible via the ATP website. Get Workday Walkthrough details.

Workday Timeline

  • Test and Train Stage begins July 2023
  • End-user Workday training begins March 2024
  • Workday will go live in July 2024 to coincide with the new fiscal year
  • Support and continuous improvement are planned to be ongoing

Security Updates

The ATP team has started to design security to support business processes, operational tasks, and system maintenance. As part of the implementation readiness tasks, more information about how security will impact the way folks use Workday will be rolled out.