HR December 2022 Update

Workday Progress and Updates 

Architect (Design) Stage Complete

The Human Resources (HR) Strategy Team has submitted the final deliverables and completed work for the Architect Stage of ATP. HR was responsible for:

  • Producing Future State Process Design (FSPD)
  • Design analysis results for every functional area in Workday
  • Organizational hierarchy requirements
  • 19 configuration workbooks

Additionally, HR contributed to:

  • Data conversion
  • The Configuration Tenant
  • Integrations inventory
  • Ancillary technology inventory
  • Change impact inventory
  • Policy change impacts
  • Initial reporting and analytics specifications

Reporting Requirements

The HR team worked with the Reporting and Analytics team to begin defining report specifications for prioritized compliance reports as part of Work Package 1. We will continue to work with SMEs and the reporting team throughout the next stage on reports.

What We Are Working On

Customer Confirmation Sessions      

A series of Customer Confirmation sessions for our stakeholders will be held from late January through March 2023. These sessions will provide a walkthrough of the end-to-end business processes that have been built in Workday to gain buy-in, obtain approvals, or flag necessary changes. Completion of these sessions will be a major project milestone and prepare the UW for testing and training.

Supervisory Organizations

The supervisory organizations (sup orgs) have been mapped and shared with all the comprehensive institutions for input and feedback, and the team has begun mapping UW-Madison’s organizations. UW-Milwaukee will be mapped after UW-Madison. This foundational structure will replace the home department use case of UDDS and for all staff and contingent workers. The definition of sup orgs and other introductory Workday terms are now live on the ATP secure website.

Readiness Workshops

The Change Management Strategy Team is working with functional teams to plan Readiness Workshops. These workshops will provide demonstrations of the proposed setup of Workday to the Change Network. Readiness Workshops will be recorded and available for viewing by anyone with a UW System login. These sessions will be an introduction to key topics and a first step to help acclimate business users to Workday, ahead of formalized training.

What’s Next

Configure & Prototype Stage Launched December 1

The Configure & Prototype Stage of our Workday implementation launched on December 1 and runs through June 30, 2023. The team will continue to refine system configuration and business process design during this stage, as well as begin unit testing. This stage’s primary milestone will be a newly configured version of Workday (the End-to-End Tenant) that will be used in the Test and Train Stage, beginning in July 2023.

Cross-functional Activities

The HR team collaborates with other ATP teams to support cross-functional activities. In December, we will continue working with the IT team on the following activities:

  • HR ancillary systems disposition work – each system was designated to “keep,” “replace,” or “retire,” by the relevant institution
  • Integration Planning – Payroll, Benefits, Recruiting, and beginning Core HR
  • Data and Reporting – HR team has dispositioned 1,015 reports, with 272 identified as “keep”
  • Mapping default cost information to supervisory organizations – in collaboration with the Finance team
  • Validating security requirements


  • Customer Confirmation Sessions (January 2023 – March 2023)
  • Test and Train Stage begins July 2023
  • Workday will go live in July 2024 to coincide with the fiscal year
  • Support and continuous improvement are planned to be ongoing