HR November 2022 Update

Workday Progress and Updates 

FSPD Completion

The final step in the Future State Process Design (FSPD) process is to sign off on technical documents, which include details of the work done currently for the end-to-end business process in each of these categories: visual business process flows, future-state process narrative, security roles, integrations, ancillary technology, reporting, key decisions, testing scenarios, parking lot, regulation, and policy.

What We Are Working On

Supervisory Organizations

The HR Strategy Team is continuing to map the Supervisory Org structure, a foundational future-state structure within Workday. Supervisory Organizations are a component of the UDDS replacement. In Workday your “home department” will be your Supervisory Organization. The team is working through the institutions one by one, to map the structure. Once we have a draft structure, we are sharing that with each institution for validation and feedback.

Cross-Functional Activities

The HR team collaborates with other ATP teams to support cross-functional activities. In November, the team will continue working with the IT team on the following activities:

  • Finalize the HR ancillary systems disposition work. Each system was designated to “keep,” “replace,” or “retire,” by the relevant institution.
  • Integration planning – Payroll, Benefits, and beginning Core HR
  • Data and reporting – The HR team has dispositioned 1,015 reports, with 272 identified as “keep.”
  • Validating security requirements

What’s Next?

Configure & Prototype Stage Begins December 1

ATP is preparing to enter the Configure & Prototype Stage (Dec 1 to June 23). The primary milestone of the stage will be a newly configured version of Workday (the End-to-End Tenant) that will be used in testing. The Change Network will attend Readiness Workshops, which are demonstrations of the proposed setup of Workday. Readiness Workshops will be recorded and available for viewing by anyone with a UW System login.


  • Future-State Process Design Sessions (May – December 2022)
  • Customer Confirmation Sessions (December 2022 – June 2023)
  • Testing and Training Stage begins July 2023
  • Workday will go live in July 2024 to coincide with the financial year
  • Support and continuous improvement are planned to be ongoing