HR September 2022 Update

Workday Progress and Updates 

Organization Mapping

The HR Strategy Team continues its efforts to build and map the Supervisory Organization Hierarchy and the Academic Unit Hierarchy in Workday. With the implementation of Workday, UDDS (Unit/Division/Department/Sub-department) will no longer be the identifier used for HR and Finance. The Supervisory and Academic orgs are two foundational structures within Workday and will replace certain aspects of what UDDS accounts for today. The Finance Strategy Team is building the Foundation Data Model (FDM) and the Cost Center Hierarchy. These foundational elements will also be key in replacing UDDS.

What We Are Working on Now

Future State Process Design Sessions

The HR Strategy Team started the third phase of the HR Future State Process Design (FSPD) sessions in September. For this third phase, the Playback sessions, the team invited members of Design Teams, Focus and Validation Groups, and HR Governance to participate. Playback sessions are an opportunity to share information regarding how future-state processes and Workday configuration have been designed, as well as to collect broad stakeholder feedback. 

The following Playback sessions are being held in September:

  • Job Requisition and Job Posting
  • Recruit to Interview
  • Onboarding
  • Offer to Pre-Hire
  • Hire and Add Job
  • Change Job*
  • Termination and End Additional Job Employee Information Change
  • Contract Contingent Worker
  • Manage Compensation Changes and Period Activity Pay
  • Academic Appointments
  • Enter Time, Time Off, Request, and Return From Leave of Absence
  • Manage Learning
  • Employee Reviews
  • Manage Talent

*The Core HR Team’s Change Job FSPD sessions were divided into two parts: Part 1: promotion, demotion, reclassifications, and part 2: laterals, locations changes, FTE changes, date extensions. The Focus Group helped us define and streamline what a job change is in Workday. Thanks to this work, the team will be able to demonstrate the Job Change business process in one session on September 22, 2022, from 10 a.m. to noon. The second session, at 2 p.m. that day, will be canceled. 

Cross-Functional Activities

The HR Strategy Team is working with the Data, Reporting, and Analytics Strategy Team to complete preliminary dispositions of 946 HR reports from the current state. This includes reviewing the reports to determine if they are mandatory and must be replicated in the future state, as well as reviewing Workday reports to determine what current-state reports will be replaced by delivered reports. The HR team is also working with the IT workstream on the disposition of hundreds of ancillary systems. Together, the HR and IT teams will determine where Workday will replace, partially replace, or need to integrate with each ancillary system.