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Would you like to contribute to an exciting program that will improve processes and systems for faculty and staff at every university across the Universities of Wisconsin? We need your time and talent to make the Administrative Transformation Program succeed.

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There are currently no job openings with ATP.

Our Culture

Promote Shared Responsibility and Accountability

We create an environment where all employees understand the value of engagement, inclusion, and diversity, and how they can help improve the workplace.

Two people wearing gloves and handling research equipment

Promote, Enhance, and Leverage Diversity

We build on the diversity of our workforce to leverage the unique experiences and strengths our employees bring.

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Create an Inclusive Culture and Community

We create a culture that focuses on intentionality, inclusion, and trust.
We cultivate an inclusive work community where employees know their work is important to the success of ATP.

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Foster Communication and Mutual Understanding

We encourage clear, open, and consistent communication.
We believe effective communication helps groups do their best work and helps create healthy work relationships.

A group of people sitting at a table and discussing

Provide and Foster Growth and Development

We create opportunities for ongoing learning and development so employees can grow in their roles and interact with their colleagues in meaningful ways.

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