Research Admin February 2023 Update


Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCS)

On January 23, the Research Administration Strategy Team held our first of four Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCS) for ATP’s research administration workstream. Each CCS offers a look at how ATP Design Teams have designed and configured Workday. During these sessions, subject matter experts from across the UW System will be invited to validate and refine the finance, HR, and research administration business processes that were designed during the Architect Stage.

Our first CCS covered the award set-up activities in Workday. If you were unable to attend, you can find a complete recording of the session on the Research Admin CCS Resources page. In addition, you’ll also be able to see the upcoming sessions we have scheduled.

Interested in attending and don’t have the invite? No worries! Email the Research Administration Team Project Manager, Betsey Kenyon, who will send you an invitation.

Also, we recognize that the nature of research administration is very cross-functional: Decisions made in ATP’s finance and HR workstreams will sometimes impact research administration. You are encouraged to check out the finance and HR CCS pages as well.

Readiness Workshops

Those who are newer to Workday or want an introduction to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system are encouraged to tune in to ATP’s Readiness Workshops, which provide high-level overviews of Workday functionality. Our next workshop takes place February 9 at 3 p.m. and focuses on the building blocks of Workday’s accounting structure, also known as the foundation data model (FDM). A recording of the workshop will also be posted to the ATP website at a later date. Get workshop details.

Workday Terminology and Crosswalk

Another resource that may be useful is the Workday Terminology and Crosswalk page. This includes a searchable list of Workday terms, including a crosswalk between current Shared Financial System (SFS) and Human Resource System (HRS) terms and future Workday terminology.

Other Activities

In addition to the Customer Confirmation Sessions, the team continues to work through many of the important implementation activities, such as conversion mapping, reporting requirements, and configuration details.

RAMP – Research Administration Modernization Project

Grants & Agreements (at Madison)

The Research Administration Strategy Team continues to navigate the design of the future system by completing or starting 10 of 12 design iterations. Design cycles to date:

  • Completed: Iteration #1 – Single Sign-On / HR Data Feeds
  • Completed: Iteration #2 – Proposal Configurations and Workflow
  • Completed: Iteration #3 – Award Set-Up Process
  • Completed: Iteration #4 – Award Modifications
  • Completed: Iteration #5 – Agreements
  • Completed: Iteration #6 – Complex Proposals
  • In Progress: Iteration #7 – Integrations with IRB/IACUC/Safety/COI
  • In Progress: Iteration #8 – Data Conversion
  • In Progress: Iteration #9 – PeopleSoft Integrations
  • In Progress: Iteration #10 – Reporting/Data Warehouse Integration
  • On horizon: Iteration #11 – End-User Testing
  • On horizon: Iteration #12 – End-User Training

On February 8, we kicked off another iteration of the project by moving on to end-user testing. We have had an overwhelming response to our call for testing volunteers and now have about 110 volunteers — thank you!

In addition to specific project iterations, we’re also continuing to increase our change management efforts. Through February and March, we will hold “RAMPing-Up” sessions across the UW–Madison campus to build awareness and share updates on what’s to come with training and system rollout.

  • College of Letters & Science – February 21
  • School of Medicine & Public Health – February 21
  • OVCRGE – March 8
  • College of Engineering – February 15
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences – February 6
  • School of Education – February 16
  • UW System Administration – March 2

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ATP will also be implementing the Grants and Agreements modules for UW-Milwaukee and the comprehensive institutions. That project is slated to kick off on July 1, 2023, immediately following the implementation at UW–Madison.