The Vision

Advancing the University of Wisconsin System’s mission by engaging staff and building an intuitive, intelligent, and innovative work environment.

Guiding Principles

Start With People, Innovate Together

We will learn from those who know best and design accordingly.

Two people discussing and smiling

Enable Access to Data

We will provide improved access to data and make it possible for our leaders to make more data-informed decisions.

People gathered in a big space and listening to someone talk

Simplify and Streamline Rigorously

We will clear the way for people to get their work done more efficiently.

A group of people sitting at a circular table and discussing

Just Enough Complexity

We will keep things simple, with no more complexity than required.

Two people sitting at a desk and discussing

Design and Build for the Future

We will design nimble, sustainable, and resilient solutions.

A person typing on a laptop

Make the Right Decisions in the Right Way

We are committed to making the right decisions by engaging our stakeholders and communicating regularly.

A person standing at a podium and speaking to an audience