Check out new resources highlighting what’s changing with Workday

The Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) launched a new video series to help you understand what will change when Workday goes live in July 2025. The resources will highlight a variety of topics in the months leading up to end-user training in March 2025.

First up: “What’s Changing With Security Roles” explains how you’ll get access to information in Workday to do your job and manage your personal information.

What security roles might you have?

Your security roles will depend on your position, but two of them will be quite common across UW. The Employee as Self security role will give you access to your employment information, like time and absence records or payslips. If you supervise people, the Manager security role will let you view and approve information for your team.

If you work in finance, human resources, or research administration, you will have additional security roles.

How do security roles work?

Security roles:

  • Give you access to the information in Workday you need to do your job
  • Allow you to act on transactions, compile reports, or review data
  • Determine which tasks are routed to you for review and approval
  • Are assigned to your position and associated with Workday organizations
  • Won’t match one to one with job titles

How will Workday’s security roles help you and the Universities of Wisconsin?

Workday’s security roles will provide more flexibility than we have in the current state, where security options are either very broad or quite narrow.

Because security roles are attached to positions, if your job changes, you will get access to information through the security role assigned to your new position.

Ultimately, security roles in Workday will allow for greater viewing and reporting options and help streamline UW’s business processes.

To learn more about security roles, watch the What’s Changing video and explore related resources.

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