Staff input to guide final Workday configuration

Staff from all UW institutions shared their feedback about the design of Workday in 28 Customer Confirmation Sessions (CCSs) held from mid-January through mid-April. During these sessions, ATP Design Teams demonstrated how workflows have been configured in Workday.

Attendees shared insights and asked questions about the Workday configuration for finance, human resources, and research administration. At the time of the CCSs, the business process design work within Workday was about 80% complete – enough to get valuable feedback to incorporate before finalizing a Workday tenant for testing.

“The response we received was overwhelmingly positive,” Susie Maloney, ATP Finance Strategy Lead, said. “We are glad people are excited about the improvements Workday will provide and appreciate all the helpful feedback we received to guide our final design work.”

Testing is scheduled to begin in July 2023 and will continue through March 2024. End-user training will begin in March 2024, and go live for Workday is planned for July 2024.

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