HR August 2022 Update

Workday Progress and Updates   

Recent Key Decision

On July 13, HR Governance approved ATP’s recommendation to use Workday’s functionality for all I9 processing. Workday’s functionality meets the needs of the UW and will provide a standardized process for all employees to complete this important onboarding step. 

Future State Process Design Sessions 

Future State Process Design (FSPD) sessions are an important activity in Workday’s implementation methodology. The HR Strategy Team has completed 38 FSPD sessions to date, with 144 unique Design Focus Group attendees from across the UW System. The team is also grateful to our colleagues from the finance, IT, and research administration workstreams for their participation in this critical process.  

If you are one of the Design Focus Group members, please share your experience with your campus colleagues! 

What We Are Working on Now 

Architect Design Sessions 

Architect Design (AD) sessions are activities for designing Workday core configurations and smaller business processes (BPs) that are not covered in FSPD sessions. These sessions may involve collaboration between cross-functional ATP teams, targeted stakeholder audiences, and/or technical subject matter experts. While the FSPD sessions focus on end-to-end business processes, the AD sessions generally serve as deep-dive sessions to address design requirements or gather data. A small sample of AD sessions that are occurring include: 

  • One-Time Payments 
  • Annual Benefits Processes 
  • FMLA Leaves of Absence 
  • Document Generation and Management 
  • Payroll for Foreign Nationals  

Cross-Functional Work 

Through the end of July, the HR Team worked with the Data Conversion Team to determine how to map and convert the following data into Workday: 

  • Job Profiles 
  • Position Data 
  • Employee Demographic/Personal Data 
  • Active Job and Contingent Worker Information 
  • Supervisory Organizations 
  • Worker Data 
  • Government IDs (SSN, ITIN, etc.) 
  • Service Dates and Disability Identification 
  • Emergency Contacts 
  • License, Passports, Visas, and Other IDs 
  • Veteran Status 
  • W2, Withholdings, and Tax Treaties 
  • Payroll Data 

What’s Next 

The HR team will begin hosting the third iteration of FSPD sessions: Playback sessions. In these sessions, Design Team Leads demo the end-to-end business process for a larger audience of UW HR leaders for approval. This is a milestone activity in the Architect (Design) Stage. There are 13 end-to-end business processes with Playback sessions scheduled.  

In these sessions, ATP Design Teams will walk a larger audience of HR leaders at the UW through end-to-end business processes designed during this stage. The purpose of these sessions is to gain buy-in and identify gaps or misalignment in the process. The team will continue to meet with Design Focus Group members and subject matter experts (SMEs) as we design the future-state business processes. The team will be conducting weekly Architect Design (AD) sessions throughout the Architect Stage, which runs through November 2022.