HR July 2022 Update

Workday Progress and Updates 

Future State Process Design Sessions

Future State Process Design (FSPD) sessions are an important activity in Workday’s implementation methodology. The HR Strategy Team has completed the first round of FSPD sessions for the following topics:

  • Academic Appointments
  • Change Job, Part 1 (promotions, demotions, reclassifications)
  • Change Job, Part 2 (laterals/transfers, location changes, date extensions for fixed term, and all other types of changes)
  • Contract Contingent
  • Employee Information
  • Employee Reviews
  • Enter Time, Request
  • Hire and Add Job
  • Job Requisition and Create Position
  • Manage Compensation
  • Manage Learning
  • Manage Talent
  • Onboarding
  • Pre-Hire to Hire
  • Recruit to Hire
  • Termination and End Job

What We Are Working on Now

Validation Sessions

The second round of FSPD sessions are called Validation sessions under Workday’s methodology. Design Focus Groups are invited back to review the business processes that have been designed by the ATP team. FSPD Validation sessions began the week of June 27 and will continue until the first week of August.

Cross-Functional Work

The HR Strategy Team is working with the Finance and Research Administration Strategy Teams to incorporate cross-functional requirements and considerations in business process designs across each area. Some key touchpoints include Payroll Accounting, Recruitment, Position Funding, Position Management, Budgeting, and the redesign of the Chart of Accounts.

What’s Next

The team will continue to meet with Focus Group members and subject matter experts (SMEs) as we design the future state business processes. The team will be conducting weekly Architect Design (AD) sessions throughout the Architect Stage, which runs through November 2022.

Program News

As you may recall, ATP’s Steering Committee approved a recommendation last year to retire UDDS (Unit/Division/Department/Sub-department) and change UW’s organizational structure to align with Workday functionality. We will share more information about this decision as we assess the change impacts in the upcoming Configure & Prototype Stage.