Research Admin July 2022 Update


Employee Compensation Compliance

ECC will go live on August 1, 2022, at the UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee campuses. The following training opportunities are in the OHRD catalog

ECC for Compensation Compliance Coordinators

    • Wednesday, July 13, 10–11:30 a.m.: Register
    • Tuesday, July 19, 2–3:30 p.m.: Register
    • Thursday, July 21, 10–11:30 a.m.: Register

Anyone unable to attend the June sessions focused on salary cap in ECC can access the recordings of those trainings now. All training sessions will be recorded and posted to the RSP webpage for on-demand viewing.

The “pre-review” period for coordinators opens August 1, and the “PI certification” portion starts September 15. Therefore, trainings for faculty aren’t planned until early September. The team will send a targeted email to affected PIs to date in mid-July; training dates are available below for awareness.

  • Thursday, September 8, 10–11 a.m.: Register
  • Tuesday, September 13, 3–4 p.m.: Register

In addition to developing training materials and sessions, the team continues to finalize design. The final data loads into the production environment of ECC will take place the week of July 11. The team hopes to launch the production environment of ECC to the campus community next week, July 18, before the pre-review/certification period opens on August 1.

Any questions related to the ECC project can be sent to Kurt McMillen or Kelly Belshaw.

Grants & Agreements

June was extremely busy for the G&A team. Since the last update, the team has been successfully navigating the design of the future system by completing or starting 6 of 11 design iterations. Design cycles to date:

  • Completed: Iteration #1 – Single Sign-On / HR data feeds
  • Completed: Iteration #2 – Proposal Configurations and Workflow
  • In progress: Iteration #3 – Award Set-Up Process
  • In progress: Iteration #4 – Award Modifications
  • In progress: Iteration #5 – Agreements
  • In progress: Iteration #6 – Complex Proposals
  • Next up: Iteration #7 – Integrations with IRB/IACUC/Safety/COI

In addition to the design- and configuration-related work, the team is working diligently on change management plans.

In addition to the design- and configuration-related work, the team is working diligently on change management plans. We’ve partnered with the Research & Sponsored Programs Research-Education-Development (RED) program and are working on delivering “hot topic” sessions to share a look at the new system with our research community and to solicit feedback. We’re excited to announce our first session!

RED Hot Discussion – ATP/RAMP – What’s Coming

    • Tuesday, July 26, 1–2:30 p.m.: Register

This session will provide a sneak peek of how the new system will function for the development and submission of extramural funding proposals. The session will be led by Kate Mollen, G&A Design Team Lead. If you are unable to attend, the recorded session will be available on the RSP and ATP websites.

Financial Forecasting

The Research Admin Strategy Team is happy to report that this module has gone live and is in production.

A common question we get is “Who will use this tool?” The current plan is to implement Financial Forecasting for primary use by the UW–Madison Budget Office and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA) units. Now that this tool has gone live, however, its use outside of central administration is being assessed, and further rollout across the UW-Madison campus is being analyzed.

Export Control

This implementation is not expected to start until October 2022, roughly. It’s anticipated that the rollout of this dedicated export control functionality will occur in conjunction with the Madison Grants and Agreements modules.


The team continues to make great progress in the Architect Stage of the Workday implementation. For grants management, specifically, June was very busy, and July looks to follow suit in the design of the future state system.

In June, the team held Design Sessions covering the following topics:

  • Award Set-Up Workflow
  • Spend Controls
  • Alternative Costing & Subawards
  • Award Tasks & Closeouts
  • Award Credit Definitions & Salary Over Cap
  • Award Modifications
  • Award Billing (Fixed Billing) & Award Billing (Prepaid)
  • Effort Reporting (for UW Comprehensive campuses)

While July will continue to focus on future-state system and workflow design, we are approaching the start of our Playback Sessions. What’s a Playback Session? It’s an opportunity for the ATP team to share information about how future state business processes and Workday configuration have been designed, as well as to collect stakeholder feedback. These sessions will be scheduled and more information shared soon.

Lastly, as you may recall, ATP’s Steering Committee approved a recommendation last year to retire UDDS (Unit/Division/Department/Sub-department) and change UW’s organizational structure to align with Workday functionality. We will share more information about this decision as we assess the change impacts in the upcoming Configure & Prototype Stage.