Research Admin June 2022 Update


In May, the Research Admin Workday team held an Architect Stage kickoff meeting that included all Design Team and Focus and Validation Group members. The team introduced the Future State Process Design (FSPD) Sessions and Architect Design (AD) Sessions.

The Research Admin team has held five Architect Design Sessions in May covering the following topics:

  • Overview, Sponsors, and Award Set-Up (2 sessions)
  • Grant Budgets
  • F&A
  • Cost Share and Program Income

An FSPD drafting session was also held for the Award Set-Up business process. Design of the Award Set-Up process is ongoing and will be fine-tuned as the team moves into June.

Research Administration Modernization Project (RAMP)

Grants & Agreements

Since the last update, the team has been successfully navigating the design of the future system by completing 4 of 11 design iterations; they’re now working on the fifth. Design cycles to date:

  • Completed: Iteration #1 – Single Sign-On
  • In progress: Iteration #2 – Proposal Configurations and Workflow
  • In progress: Iteration #3 – Award Set-Up Process
  • In progress: Iteration #4 – Award Modifications
  • Up next: Iteration #5 – Agreements (began May 31)

In addition to the design- and configuration-related work, the team is working diligently on change management plans. The team has partnered with the Research & Sponsored Programs Research-Education-Development (RED) program and are working on delivering “hot topic” sessions to provide the research community with a sneak peek into the new system and solicit feedback.

During the week of June 13, the Grants and Agreements Huron Research Suite consultants will visit UW–Madison. The team is planning several in-person meetings with targeted activities to gain insight into the project, change management discussions, and collaborative discussions to include Huron Research Suite consultants and Huron (Workday) consultants.

UPDATE: The implementation timeline for the Grants and Agreements modules at UW-Milwaukee and the comprehensive campuses is scheduled to begin July 2023 and concludes with a go-live of July 2024, in conjunction with the Workday go-live. See the updated timeline.

Employee Compensation Compliance

The Research Admin team now has training opportunities in the OHRD catalog. The first is for CCCs (formerly known as effort coordinators) and anyone else who would like an overview of payroll certification and ECC. The second is specifically designed for research administrators who will work with faculty over the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) salary cap and ECC. 

ECC for Compensation Compliance Coordinators

  • Wednesday, July 13, 10–11:30 a.m.: Register  
  • Tuesday, July 19, 2–3:30 p.m.: Register
  • Thursday, July 21, 10–11:30 a.m.: Register

RED Hot Discussion: Salary Cap in ECC

It’s expected that PI certifier trainings will be held in late August or early September. Please stay tuned for more information about those sessions!

In addition to developing training materials and sessions, the team continues to work through finalizing design. The major undertakings in May were data validation and testing, which will continue into June.

Financial Forecasting

The team has been working through the data validation and will soon begin end-user testing. Huron held a demo for stakeholders showcasing the Financial Forecasting module. The planned implementation for the Financial Forecasting tool is July 2023.

A common question the Research Admin team gets is “Who will use this tool?” The current plan is to implement Financial Forecasting for primary use by the UW–Madison Budget Office and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA) units. However, once utility is assessed (usefulness outside of central admin), the MBO/VCFA will provide access to units as needed.

Export Control

This implementation is not expected to start until September 2022, roughly. It’s anticipated that the rollout of this dedicated export control functionality will occur in conjunction with the Madison Grants and Agreements modules.