Check out what’s changing with Workday data and reporting

When Workday goes live in July 2025, finance and HR staff will be able complete their work and run reports all in one system.

“This is a big change and a big improvement on the way we work today,” said Kurt McMillen, ATP Data & Reporting Strategy Lead.

Today, UW staff perform most financial transactions in Shared Financial System (SFS) and run reports in Wisconsin Enterprise Reporting (WISER). HR staff complete work in Human Resources System (HRS) and run reports in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE).

Beginning next summer, Workday will replace all four of those systems.

ATP’s latest video, “What’s Changing: Workday Data & Reporting,” highlights some of the changes and benefits ahead.

Better reporting

The Universities of Wisconsin currently have a lot of data, but it’s not connected in a way that gives staff, managers, and leaders the insights they need. Workday will provide current data and reports and expand our reporting capabilities with more tools and transaction details.

Workday will allow users to:

  • Collaborate with others while compiling reports
  • Produce presentation-ready reports that can be updated with a single click
  • Create visuals to help explain the data

Workday also provides customized dashboards for staff in similar roles, so they all have access to the same view and most-used actions for their work.

Access to legacy data

We will still have access to pre-Workday data for future reporting. Decades of data will be stored within the new UW Enterprise Analytics Platform (EAP). We will be able to connect this information with Workday data for longitudinal reporting.

Some legacy data will be transferred into Workday, including:

  • PeopleSoft monthly summary balances for FY 2023–FY 2025
  • FY 2022 Ending Balances
  • Inception-to-date summary balances for grants and capital projects as of June 30, 2022

Benefits to the Universities of Wisconsin

Workday’s data and reporting features will provide:

  • Access to operational data and reports without leaving Workday
  • Access to more data for more purposes
  • New reporting tools to analyze data in different ways
  • Standardized data and definitions across all universities

The Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) launched a new video series to help you understand what will change when Workday goes live in July 2025. The resources, including digital and printable documents summarizing the changes, will highlight a variety of topics in the months leading up to end-user training in March 2025.

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